Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Crazy Horse (the Mare)

I think there is a truism, "you can only control your perceptions, you cannot control other people".

Tell that to the Camel Heads and Horsemen, or the Pony girls (ESFJ). They can spread the malicious rumours and lies, but that is as far as it gets. They then become crazy rather than just irrational (SF).
This does not mean they will be locked up. They are crazy, but still violent and logical. Then they have to be tied up so they cannot harm other people.
The Caduceus of Mercury (Roman) and the Karykeion of Hermes (Greek) http://soredragon.blogspot.com/2008/12/caduceus-of-mercury-roman-and-karykeion.html

Chestnut Mare
Well I was up on Stony Ridge after this chestnut mare I'd been chasin' her for weeks now. Oh, I'd catch a little glimpse of her every once in a while; she'd be off takin' her meal, or bathin';she was a real fine lady!
Well she takes off, runnin' up on to that ridge, higher than I've ever been before. We're runnin' along just fine, and then she sees a sidewinder, all coiled up ready to strike. Well that spooks her, and she jumps off the edge ...me holdin' on!
And we were falling down this crevice, about a mile down there I'd say! I look down and I see this red thing below us. Turned out to be our reflection in a little pool of water, about six feet wide, and only one foot deep ...


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