Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Don't Screw with my Head

Don't Screw with my Head

5.) Emotional. Be nice and do not screw with their heads. They can be sensitive. If you want something, ask for it. If you do not get all emotional and are willing to take no for an answer, they will usually try to accommodate any reasonable request. *hint* Socializing with large (or sometimes even small) groups of people for extended periods of time is not a reasonable request. This is normal behavior, not something you need to fix. It is not personal. If you like to socialize a lot, you have two choices: be willing to leave him at home with some cold pizza and his computer or find a different guy.

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Glaucus said...

Those damn Wolves (ENTJ) and Hawks (INTJ) screwing up people's lives. What they try to do is put an idea in your head of theirs when you are meant to think you thought it up yourself. The trouble is the idea is as stupid as they are! They even use hypnotism to assist their malign practices.