Wednesday, 21 January 2009

In the Grip (Discussion)

Hello Albert,

This is straight out of Quenk "Beside Ourselves". The INTP is then said to be in "The Grip". I have been in this position for at east six months continuous. It is meant to be intolerable for a few hours. Quenk is an INTJ or a lowish perception INTP so it is not as precise as it could be.
Strong emotional expression directed at us (Architects INTP) is not intolerable per se, only if it is unwanted. This is likely to be most likely because of the Pony (ESFJ) girls are the opposites. Direct emotional expression from the right person in the wrong place mucks up the intuition and this is intolerable as well, or rather the INTP feels powerless to act if he/she thinks they are in danger. Indirect emotional expression can be even worse if it is manipulative. If the Thinking is relatively low (say 7/12), and Perception is very high (say 11/12), it will take a genius to follow the thought processes. Low thinking cuts out Resolution and high Intuition (say 10/12) will bring a perennial archetype into play. The latter may not be a pure Architect.

The alone time is crucial, but the important thing may be to avoid incompatible people, the Irrationals (SF) and beware of the Guardians (SJ), so the Eagle (INTP) is likely to be screwed by the Horsemen (ESFJ) and most Rodents (ISFJ - XSFJ). Avoid the Ratman.

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> Wow! Just look at this list. Alive and well.> >

I was reading about personality's and came across this page> which had the following:> >

"The Architect prides themselves on their objectivity and ability to> impartially analyze and organize thoughts. They enjoy tough critiques that help them to hone the exactitude of their thoughts. What they don't like is strong emotional expression directed at them and being denied the alone time that they need. If this goes on too long, they become highly stressed and may emphasize their logical thinking to the extreme."> >

This last line has me puzzled. What are some examples of emphasizing logical thinking to the extreme? Is there a difference in how this is shown in the work place versus some other setting?>

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tweak1972 said...

Have you ever been discussing an important emotional issue with a significant other (especially an XSFJ) and the discussion escalates into an argument that leaves no room for reason? No matter how hard you try to simplify the issue at hand it just doesn't get through. At this realization of the utter hopelessness of every reaching a solution therefore an end to the conflict, your intellect becomes crystal clear while your emotions invert proportionally. The XSFJ, in their desperation to make you feel their suffering, reaches into your chest and rips out your still beating heart and eats it. At which point your blood runs cold and you realize that to escape this monster you must abandon your emotions altogether because your very survival depends on rational thinking. You know..robot mode.