Monday, 26 January 2009

Invitation to the Picnic (Storyline)

Wolves and Snakes are NOT invited to the Picnic, cause the Wolves will prey on the baby Bears and the Snakes are just a darn nuisance. Dragons and Eagles are not allowed either. The Hawks are just watchers and do not join in the kiss chase games.

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Glaucus said...

It is best that we don't go and see the Bears (ISTP). You have heard of a Bear Hug and Straining up under the Bear. They tend to be grizzly, overweight, overbearing, and play games that Eagles do not understand very well. We risk a broken wing amongst all the trees. The picnic occurs in the clearing (the leigh or ly), but the young Bears run off in to the woods and the other Bears chase them. We can take a young Bear in the open, but the big Bears can be dangerous and unstoppable.

The Sparrowhawk (INTJ var) could even chase some of the very young Bears, but could get pawed at all the same.

Bears only go to the picnic if they are good.