Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Keirsey System

Something which I have posed is, how accurate are the four letter groupings?

Suppose we have (marks out of 12 using the simple Paragon test)

Falcon One: Introversion 10 iNtuition 7 Thinking 10 Perception 7
Eagle One: Introversion 8 iNtuition 10 Thinking 7 Perception 11

Both qualify as category INTP but we may find two very different characters!?

Then we introduce an INTJ

Hawk Two: Introversion 10 iNtuition 7 Thinking 11 Judgement 5

Falcon One is closer to Hawk Two than Eagle One.

Just for the crack, an INFP:

Dragon One: Introversion 9 iNtuition 11 Feeling 5 Perception 10

In a world where most people are near the average XXXX, the whole system is rather vague. It is good for me as an extreme NP, and I see plenty of ESFJ, some of which attract the attention of forensic psychology in the Thieves Kitchen if they are extreme SFs and liable to go Crazy.

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