Friday, 23 January 2009


Para-annoyed, I get. Sometimes called "Beside Ourselves" (Quenk)

para- par pref.1 Bef. a vowel or h also par-. [Gk para, par- beside, beyond, past, (in comb. also) to one side, amiss, irregular, and expr. subsidiary relation, alteration, etc.] 1 Esp. Anat. & Med. Denoting (a)adjacency or proximity, esp. of a part of the body; (b)a disordered function or faculty. 2 In wds w. the sense 'beyond or distinct from, but analogous or parallel to'; Chem. denoting alteration or modification. 3 Chem. (Freq. italicized.) Denoting substitution in a benzene ring at diametrically opposite carbon atoms. 4 Physics & Chem. Denoting the fact of having antiparallel spins (opp. ORTHO-

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