Friday, 30 January 2009

Psychedelic (Etymology)

manifest manfest a. ME. [(O)Fr. manifeste or L manifestus, earlier manufestus, f. manus hand + festus struck (only in compounds, as infestus dangerous), f. base of defendere DEFEND, offendere OFFEND.] 1 Clearly revealed to the eye, mind, or judgement; open to view or comprehension; obvious

psychedelic sLkdelk, -dilk a. & n. M20. [Irreg. f. PSYCHE n.1 + Gk deloun make manifest, reveal, f. delos manifest, clear: see -IC.] A adj. 1 a Of a drug: producing a change in, esp. an apparent expansion of, consciousness through greater awareness of sensations, emotions, and unconscious motivations (freq. through symbolic hallucinations).
Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
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