Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Dialogue about Piggy

A new category called PITA sometimes known PITB. Actually an ISXP. The Pig in Perseus Modern Animism. Very common type. Sometimes called a male chauvinist ISXP (although it occurs almost as often in females). If he cannot be chauvinist he gets depressed. Don't expect Pigs to fly properly: flapping is all you get.

Tip to Others "Don't be a Piggy in the Middle". You will get into a pickle.

This means that the wife (ESTP) embarks on an affair in the erronous attempt to get the Piggy to pay attention to his responsibilities and making sure the sty in clean and he is not rolling about in the dirt. It is not a proper affair and the third party gets into a pickle. When the shock wears off the Piggy returns to type.

One thing is certain: unfaithfulness will not be a problem for you (INTPs get into this trouble a lot because that are not touchy-feely and the partner is missing something physical. Goats ESFJ variant are the worst for this.) and this way out is not available.

PS: There is no such thing as a perfect partner.

Monday, 28 September 2009

16 Moans about your Partner

or 16 reasons why you wish you were still Single

ISTJ You are obsessed with insignificant details
ISTP You don't consider your partner's feelings
ESTP You are irresponsible
ESTJ You are a bully and control freak
ISFJ You have to do it exactly right
ISFP You will not stand up for yourself
ESFP You will will not take our relationship seriously
ESFJ You have not got an ounce of patience
INFJ You need everything to be absolutely perfect
INFP You jump in before you are ready to finish what you have started
ENFP Your eyes wander off and catch the eye of another
ENFJ You really must help me out with this
INTJ You like to listen to your partner who is always wrong
INTP You will have to do things your way
ENTP You will insist on making up your own rules and disregarding the conventional way
ENTJ You will rush around and do not give me a chance to relax

Saturday, 26 September 2009

48 Laws of Power


ESTP Diatribe

20 Reasons You’re Still Single

20 Reasons You’re Still Single



Snake or Tiger ?

Perseus Quiz (ESTP or ENTP?):

1: Do you prefer the Snake or the Tiger?

2: Would you rather ask questions or adapt to circumstances?

3: In your project do you dictate or discuss?

4: Do you ascribe to the 48 Laws of Power?

5. Do you like to resolve the issue or find out the truth?

6: Would you rather me a successful car dealer or a successful poker player?

This test will measure your N or S like on the 12 scale used by Paragon. But this is the Perseus test.

If in doubt say so. My Intuition is 10/12 on Paragon.


Friday, 25 September 2009

Processes: Perseus 384 System


Leading: Perception
Supporting: Intuition
Relief: Introvert
Aspiration: Thinking


Opposing: Judgement
Critical Parent: Sensing
Deceit: Extrovert
Devil: Feeling

The Depressive Character

Originally Posted by Mutatio NOmenis View Post
All I've ever been is a people repellent. I've been diagnosed with a despressive personality. I enjoy sabotaging and hurting happy relationships so poeple have to experience my daily existence. When people get upset because they lost their boyfriend, I tell them coldly: "toughen up, wussbag." I am not fun. I am friendly, although I've never been given a chance. And if I got hugrushed, I'd kill people to get out of the mass.


[quote=Mutatio NOmenis;145771]*snaps neck*. Pathetic optimist, not realizing the truth of my situation. I''ve been like this since birth.[/quote]

I have too many of my own problems to solve, but all you have to do is to use your Intuition more and relegate the Thinking to the service of your Intuition. Thinking TN (Theorist) is not where it is at unless you want to be in a wheelchair like the Mekon (Eagle comic).

Thinking should be employed to avoid the Unicorns & Narwhales* ESFJ (JSFE) though. Unicorns are natural but Narwhales are created by unfortunate circumstances. (The latter is the Glaucus Underwater Pressure Type Divination System: unpublished).

Monday, 21 September 2009

Perseus 384 System


Dialogue: Amazing Love

Love is like walking in front a train and expecting it to stop. I rather not walk in front of any train >.>
So I have come to a realization that has made me feel amazing


Traintime is the Battery Sergeant Major (=bombadiers UK) type of "Love" ??? You follow the Training Manual or else. This is characteristic of the ISTJ dogmatic type of archery or even worse the ESTJ outright bullying because you are not politically correct. Guardian "amazing" love is not for Dragons NP. It is the land of the dead.


Dialogue: Run Down

"Are you feeling run down?"

"I feel like I've been run over by a herd of Buffaloes ESTJ"

"Bulls running on the back of a Gay Pride of Lions ESTP with a TS Tyrant in charge!"


Zeitgeist (German pronunciation: [ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst] (Speaker Icon.svg listen)) is a German language expression (Zeit means "time," and Geist roughly translates to "spirit") referring to "the spirit of the times" and/or "the spirit of the age." The word Zeitgeist is used to describe the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambience, morals, and sociocultural direction or mood of an era (similar to the English word mainstream or trend). In German, the word has more layers of meaning than the English loanword; included in common understanding of the term is the allegation that Zeitgeist may only be observed for past events.


Saturday, 19 September 2009

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

1) Tactical (far above all else, my whole life is based around this) SP
2) Supporter FP
3) Arranger and SF
Creator (tie between those two) TP

Looks like a certain Cat ISFP. We would not get on together. It would be a disaster for me. It would not matter to you.

Cats come around but leave when I put them off. The highly rated P of both Cats and Bears ISTP take a close look and they would only be disappointed and perhaps even angry. PS are Mechanics. PF are Slaves. PN are Psychedelics (Dreamers). PT are Doers.

Thrive best if locked up in their pen and allowed to clean off the dirt. Running free in the woods and they can be a nuisance. Fastidious about cleanliness, unlike the ENTP Sidewinder.

Ares Bloodlust

In Greek mythology, Ares (Ancient Greek: Ἄρης [árɛːs], Μodern Greek: Άρης [ˈaris]) is the son of Zeus and Hera. Though often referred to as the Olympian god of warfare, he is more accurately the god of bloodlust, or slaughter personified: "Ares is apparently an ancient abstract noun meaning throng of battle, war."

There are accounts of a son of Ares, Cycnus (Κύκνος) of Macedonia, who was so murderous that he tried to build a temple with the skulls and the bones of travelers. Heracles slaughtered this abominable monstrosity, engendering the wrath of Ares, whom Heracles wounded.

In Greek mythology, Thrax (by his name simply the quintessential Thracian) was regarded as one of the reputed sons of Ares.[5] In the Alcestis, Euripides mentions that one of the names of Ares himself was Thrax since he was regarded as the patron of Thrace (his golden or gilded shield was kept in his temple at Bistonia in Thrace).[6

Thracians were regarded as warlike, ferocious, and bloodthirsty.[24][25]

Thracians were seen as "barbarians" by other peoples, namely the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Herodotus writes that "they sell their children and let their wives commerce with whatever men they please"

One notable cult that is attested from Thrace to Moesia and Scythia Minor is that of the "Thracian horseman", also known as the "Thracian Heros", at Odessos (Varna) attested by a Thracian name as Heros Karabazmos, a god of the underworld usually depicted on funeral statues as a horseman slaying a beast with a spear.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Love Killer

I gave up on love years ago, anything that makes you feel free is good

however, don't be afraid to be emotionally available to people, to enjoy them etc, have fun and also support them if they need it

I love being a good guy and being understanding, but at the same time I do not fall into the trap of "love", which is the false belief that "it" lasts forever, there is no "love" that could last, love is intangible, an illusion, often propagated by hollywood

not being enthralled is great, plus it is attractive, you can fall in love with a lot of people simultaneously, it's not a finite resource

so enjoy life, be free, don't deny your feelings, but at the same time don't inflate them artificially with that "love" talk

I think you've taken a major step in the right direction

you can also read my guide to getting girls here: http://personalitycafe.com/sex-relationships/5636-guide-getting-girls-minus-lying-expenditures.html

This is just T in overload from my position:

TNPI-"the saboteur"
The other of the flipped rationals, the TNPI has found a favored heuristic with which to destroy any system. This type prefers to destroy in service of a stronger whole, which it ironically knows will never be perfect or complete.

Love Exists. One way love and you are vulnerable. Love means different things to different people. Ironically, it is the ISTP and INTPs that says things like this, because they are the ones that get hurt by Love, because of their archery. Just don't fire in the direction of Cats ISFP.

There is the NF position of ideal love, but this is different. And SF Cats that go with the flow.

Maybe, I am a Roman who doesn't care for the Thracian Horsemen ESFJ.

If you wanna to be happy for a week take a wife, if you want to be happy all your life, plant a garden. (Anon.)

Dialogue: Wolfman

"I have not got time to listen to your excuses," said the Wolf. "If you do not do as you told I am going to swallow you up!"

Type Relationships:
each is both the other's mentor and student: has a "parent to child" feel

The Sore Dragon: Type Relationships

Hawk (INTJ) and Ferret (ENFP) relationship. This would be a very strange one. The trouble is the INTJ always thinks (s)he is right!

Eagle (INTP) and Wolf (ENTJ) is similarly strange. But the Wolf will never have time to listen.

"I have not got time to listen to your excuses," said the Wolf. "If you do not do as you are told I am going to swallow you up!"

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Can't see the Wood for the Grass

[quote=Simone;139098]I took the shorter version of the test you directed me to and came up I*S*PT?!? There's no way I'm an "S." I love the whole idea behind Myers-Briggs, but the test questions do me wrong sometimes. For example, when I am in a forest I strongly prefer the feel of the wind on my face to thinking about theories and ideas...That doesn't mean I'm an "S."
Oh well, guess I'll never know my sub-type. Jeez.[/quote]

Eagles INTP and other introspectives may see the whole Forest, although I think the Hawk INTJ only sees part, and the Bears ISTP see the Trees, but I am not so sure the Dog ISTP sees the Wood or the Trees. Just sniffs around a bit, and the Bull or Cow ESTJ just sees Grass.

You are Barred, You are an Embarassment

You are Barred, You are an Embarassment.

[ME. barre-n, a. OF. barre-r (12th c. in Littré), f. barre BAR n.1]

I. To make fast, fasten in, or out, with bars.

1. trans. a. To make fast (a door, etc.) by a bar or bars fixed across it; to fasten up or close (a place) with bars.

{dag}b. To surround with a barrier or fence. Obs.

2. a. To fasten in, shut up, or confine securely (a person or thing) by means of bars. Also transf. and fig.

b. to bar out: to shut out with a bar or bars.

3. To close or obstruct (a way of approach) by some barrier; to block up, make impassable.

4. To obstruct, stop, or prevent (a person's progress, or a person in his progress).

5. Law. a. To arrest or stop (a person) by ground of legal objection from enforcing some claim.

b. To stay or arrest (an action); to exclude or prevent the advancement of (a plea, claim, right.)

6. a. To hinder, exclude, keep back, prevent, prohibit (a person) from; to deprive or debar of.

b. with double object. arch.

{dag}c. with inf. phr. Obs.

d. absolutely.

7. To stop, hinder, prevent, prohibit (an action or event).



Show pronunciation* Show spellings* Hide etymology* Show quotations* Show date charts*

[ad. F. embarrasser, lit. ‘to block, obstruct’, f. embarras: see prec.]

1. trans. To encumber, hamper, impede (movements, actions, persons moving or acting).

b. pass. Of persons: To be ‘in difficulties’ from want of money; to be encumbered with debts. Cf. EMBARRASSED ppl. a., EMBARRASSMENT.

2. a. To perplex, throw into doubt or difficulty.

b. To make (a person) feel awkward or ashamed, esp. by one's speech or actions; to cause (someone) embarrassment.

3. To render difficult or intricate; to complicate (a question, etc.).



Possum Blues

I put my Monkey on the Log
And ordered him to do the Dog
He went and did the Possum instead

Along came a Dog who's name was Blue
Well Old Blue barked and I went to see
And he had my Possum up in a tree

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Open Heart Pendant

depend cf.

pend | pend | v.3 L15. [App. f. Fr. pendre hang f. late L f. L pendere, or aphet. f. APPEND v. or DEPEND.] 1 v.i. & t. Hang; be attached or attach to

Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

Beside Another = Marriage (or partner)

Pended to, dependent, independent, co-(de)pendent*, hung up (Beside Ourselves), hung over, hanging from the rafters.

Or stone free?

co- | k | pref. [L, var. of COM- esp. bef. vowels, h, and gn: cf. COL-, CON-, COR-.] 1 Used in wds adopted f. L and in Eng. wds modelled on these, and as a productive pref., forming: (a)vbs f. vbs w. the sense 'with others', as co-edit, cooperate; (b)adjs. f. adjs. and advs. f. advs. w. the senses 'jointly', 'mutually', as co-belligerent, coequal, coequally; (c)ns. f. ns. w. the senses 'joint', as co-author, co-precipitation, and 'mutual', as coequality

co dependent - Depending on each other - as when soil, for example, depends on a variety of animals to remain as a functioning system, and the animals in turn ...
Definitions are misleading ?

She wore an Open Heart Pendant

Drug Store Truck Driving Man

"He don't the young folks, I know,
He told me one day on his radio show" ESFJ (JSEF)

In the eternal war between the Dragons (PN) and the Trolls (JS), the Tyrant is actually a TS. SJ are just Guards. Look for their operators.

So beware not only of SJs but a TSJs.

Let's think what I want. More possessions? Thinking
Apply rhetoric to obtain the power base. Sensing.
Then invade Poland. Judgement.

But the collaborators were Bullies (ESTJ) riding on the back of a Pride of Lions (ESTP).

All the sympaths sit on the fence and deal with both sides.

Limits of MBTI

However, this argument is mistaken, because the imperative against using the MBTI in recruitment is not based on sentiment, but on business need. Using the MBTI in executive recruitment is not providing a premium service. On the contrary, it can lead to poor or even disastrous recruitment decisions, for three main reasons:

* the lack of faking scale
* the lack of predictive validity, and
* the lack of distinction between preference and competence.

Whilst the MBTI questionnaire can be used for some applications that don't require these things (eg: personal development, team building, career counselling), it is not appropriate for those contexts that do (ie executive recruitment).


March to the Tune of the Drummer Boy ???

History of the Four Interaction Styles

Throughout the ages, observers of human behavior have repeatedly identified patterns or configurations of behavior. Such holistic sorting of behavior patterns has been recorded for at least twenty-five centuries. Ancient philosophers described four dispositions called temperaments—a choleric, a phlegmatic, a melancholic, and a sanguine temperament. Interpretations of these patterns have varied over the years, with two distinct interpretations: one is David Keirsey’s temperament theory and the other relates to the Interaction Styles model.

Most twentieth-century psychologists abandoned holistic observation of human behavior for a microscopic examination of parts, fragments, traits, and so on. To them, all human beings were basically alike—and individual differences were due to chance or conditioning—yet many of them ultimately described patterns that resemble our holistic view.


Teddy Bears in Short Pants (Boxer Shorts)

[quote=Sily Wily;82297]I wear the pants in my family, until my husband tells me it's time to take them off.[/quote]

I have noted it is easier to get together with the partner; if a Thinker (Trousers) is stalked by a Feeler. Two Feelers can crash into each other, but two Thinkers will dance/fight around each other.

It is relative though. The tests are related to the average in the population, but using the Paragon scale on 1 to 12, I score just 7 on Thinking (my weakest tendency) so a ST Bully with 8 thinking would not be a Rational Thinker but a Dictator (Perseus 384 system), but she would want to wear the trousers. (Who paid for the Trouser Press?)

Note that "Can't see the Wood for the Trees" only applies to Bears ISTP and Big Cats ESTP. The stupid ISTJ Dogs and ESTJ Bulls do not see either the Trees or the Wood.

This is the only personality type category related to gender. About two-thirds of all males are thinkers, and the same proportion of females are feelers.



In Greek mythology, Theia, goddess or divine, (sometimes written Thea or Thia), also called Euryphaessa, wide-shining, was a Titan. The name Theia alone means simply, "goddess"; Theia Euryphaessa (Θεία Εὐρυφάεσσα) brings overtones of extent (εὐρύς eurys "wide", root: εὐρυ-/εὐρε-) and brightness (φάος phaos "light", root: φαεσ-).


According to the giant impact hypothesis, there was once a Mars-sized body referred to as Theia orbiting in our solar system. The planet was named after the Greek Titan who gave birth to the Moon goddess Selene—a fitting name considering that the planet Theia is thought to be responsible for the birth of our moon.

Theia would have formed in about the same orbit as Earth, but about 60° ahead or behind. When the protoplanet had grown to be about the size of Mars, its size made it too heavy for its orbit to remain stable. As a result, its angular distance from Earth varied increasingly, until it finally it crashed into the Earth.

The collision would have occurred circa 4.533 billion years ago when Theia would have hit the Earth at an oblique angle, and destroyed herself in the process. Theia's mantle and a significant portion of the Earth's silicate mantle were thrust into space. The left over materials from Theia mixed with the materials from the Earth and eventually formed the Moon.



stoical | stk()l | a. LME. [f. as prec. + -AL1.] 1 Of or belonging to the Stoics; characteristic of the Stoic philosophy. LME. 2 Of disposition, behaviour, etc.: characterized by indifference to pleasure and pain. Of a person: resembling a Stoic; practising repression of emotion, indifference to pleasure and pain, and patient endurance in adversity. L16.
2 B. MONTGOMERY I used to praise the Russian people for their stoical endurance of many hardships.

Excerpted from The Oxford Interactive Encyclopedia
Developed by The Learning Company, Inc. Copyright (c) 1997 TLC Properties Inc.

* Main Entry: sto·ic
* Pronunciation: \ˈstō-ik\
* Function: noun
* Etymology: Middle English, from Latin stoicus, from Greek stōïkos, literally, of the portico, from Stoa (Poikilē) the Painted Portico, portico at Athens where Zeno taught
* Date: 14th century

1 capitalized : a member of a school of philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium about 300 b.c. holding that the wise man should be free from passion, unmoved by joy or grief, and submissive to natural law
2 : one apparently or professedly indifferent to pleasure or pain

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Poison Toe

Feelers will always "put themselves in somebody else's shoes" and ask how people will be affected before making a decision.

This is the only personality type category related to gender. About two-thirds of all males are thinkers, and the same proportion of females are feelers.



S.W. Fraser, "Spread good practice by stepping in my shoes not treading on my toes", The Systems Thinker, Vol. 11 No. 8, October 2000

Sarah Fraser & Associates Ltd


Deanna Troi (Starfleet)

After six years, the producers decided to drop the "sexy and brainless" Troi and make her a stronger character: "I was thrilled when I got my regulation Starfleet uniform... it covered up my cleavage and I got all my brains back, because when you have cleavage you can't have brains in Hollywood... I was allowed to do things that I hadn't been allowed to do for five or six years. I went on away teams, I was in charge of staff, I had my pips back, I had phasers, I had all the equipment again, and it was fabulous. I was absolutely thrilled."


Friday, 11 September 2009

Silver Bullet or Bloody Hand ?

Another new character (not recognised, but deduced):

TINP-"the silver bullet"
This subtype is always searching for the achilles' heel of a system, with the goal of being recognized as the person who brought it down.

Could however be a:

ITNP-"slow burn"
These annihilate their personalities with their razor brains, and can get into J/P spirals that can lead to madness and suicide.


ITPN-"the cutter" Bloody Hand
This type has all the identity strife of the ITNP, but tends to externalize it as physical activity of some kind. The two ITs tend to be the most objective of all the subtypes, because they are constantly forced to face their faults.

Slick from Katmandu

A new character arrives on the scene.

He is called Slick cause he licks his prey. As a Cat he preys on Mice and Hamsters.

PS; An earlier reminder of the the Wild "sadistic" Dog in the dogging scene.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Dirt Box

Originally Posted by pedrodavid View Post
Is it possible that your mbti type help you to determine your sexual orientation? if the answer is yes, what types would be more propense to be gay and what types will be less propense?

Any sociologists out there? There appears to be five types of people that have a tendency towards being attracted to their own gender for love and sex:

1) Warrior type of adolescent that has never grown up to the stage of liking the opposite sex

2) Adolescent with the narcissist Mother who is discouraging to her son and she does not like males

3) Lonely dependent who is more like a girl

4) Prisoner of fate who lacks the opprtunity for girls and is living a pretence (rare)
Or directly intimidated, raped or groomed by criminal sodomites for their nefarious purposes
(not as rare as supposed)

5) Slut who is so jaded and bored and needs a bit of variety (rare)

So love, you want your knight in shining armour (Guard SJ) to come and whisk you off: it ain't gonna happen love. Go and see your girlfriend with the cropped air and Doc Martin's. And the day that the bayou is going to break, I do not want any Gay Pride heavies coming to my door with baseball bats and iron bars.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Dragon Fly

[QUOTE=Munchies;45551]Sensors have linear thinking, they think for the ground up... so they would follow a straight (linear) path towards the end of their thinking process...

Intuitives thinking from the top, down ( we understand the big picture first, and then work our way down from there) so that would "appear" non-linear, but its really just backwards..

Non-linear thinking would actually be schizophrenia.[/QUOTE]

He took a long and winding road to the edge of the cliff and jumped off the edge with one inductive leap. Then he spent the rest of his life trying to climb back up the cliff. He should have learnt to fly like a Dragon.

cf. Negative reactions to Dragons (NP) and Snakes (ENTP):


Sunday, 6 September 2009

Just remember your lines and don't bump into the furniture

There is a medical condition called Clinical Depression.

There is also a state which I call Critical Stress, which the 21st century physicians called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Clinical Depression is probably (my view) a prolonged state of Critical Stress. It happens so often that a good General Practioner of Medicine is probably aware. Whether he/she can help you is a different matter.

As far as the Psi Cops (Conventional Psychiatry) is concerned that the idiots don't have a clue and will shrink your brain with drugs.

In Perseus terms, Critical Stress probably develops traits (morph-shift to other personality types) that you never knew existed, sometimes called the Shadow processes. In theory it is forced Personal Growth. In practice it is traumatic exhausting, detrmental to your health, causes distress, and tends to make people unhappy as they are acting out of character.

In the UK, it is Government military policy to induce distress in the dissenters, on in other words the Guards SJ will tend to persecute the NP Questors. Unless you have financial clout or political connections: these people are called Stakeholders. If you have chosen the wrong parents and you are poor, you might be an Outlaw.

Just remember your lines and don't bump into the furniture.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Stranger on the Shore

I went for years under the mistaken impression that artists and scientists got their ideas from perception in the outside world. Then I realised that the crazy artists SF were all pirates of Introverted Feeling. Truth is devised of inductive leaps, tested in the real world. It is Perceptive Intuition and nothing to do with Feeling at all.

Stranger on the Shore

Library Science

Library Science
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Library science (or Library and Information science) is an interdisciplinary field that applies the practices, perspectives, and tools of management, information technology, education, and other areas to libraries; the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of information resources; and the political economy of information. Historically, library science has also included archival science.[1] This includes how information resources are organized to serve the needs of select user groups, how people interact with classification systems and technology, how information is acquired, evaluated and applied by people in and outside of libraries as well as cross-culturally, how people are trained and educated for careers in libraries, the ethics that guide library service and organization, the legal status of libraries and information resources, and the applied science of computer technology used in documentation and records management.

Fabulous Team

[QUOTE=saeble;45519]INTJs are fabulous editors and analysers of any work you might be doing. You just have to make sure you're wearing the proverbial pants and don't let them get ideas above their station. ;) Rarely are they contributors, most times, they are reductive and refining agents.
The moment you let them believe that they can try doing the whole ENTP thing and build an idea from scratch... is where they fall over. Thankfully, they rarely try because when you try flipping the roles, the ENTPs penchant for prospecting for good ideas makes them incisive and very good at assessing the kernels of new ideas, they know which will grow and which wont, INTJs, as much as they would like to be good at assessing risk and going out on a limb, aren't.[/QUOTE]


A fabulous doctrine.

Football Team:
ENTJ as Boss, INTJ as Deputy, INTP or ENTP as Architect of Ideas/Legal Advisor, ESFJ as Salesman, ISTJ as Security, ENFP as Researcher, ESFP as Performer, ENFJ as Teacher (or INFJ Graphic Designer), three ISFJ helpers.

Substitutes: ESFJ (Chauffeur), ESTJ (Logistics), ISTJ (Bookkeeper), ISFP (Designer/Artwork), INFP (Counsellor).

No position has been allocated for the ISTP Artisan or ESTP Promoter. The first one would be the working class tradesman. The Promoter would be their Boss.

They would be engaged on a sub-contract. Or the ISTP could be the Maintenance Man.

Do INTP/ENTP feel excluded? Nobody cares about their ideas because they do not understand. To start with they are thought of as ISTPs without a trade. And their P is not understood so they have dumb down to the J of the Bosses who are simply not listening.

Typology Prayers:

ENTJ: "Lord, help me slow downandnotrushthroughwhatIdo."
INTJ: "Lord keep me open to others' ideas, WRONG though they may be."


In prison, a teardrop tattoo under your eye tells people that you’ve killed someone. Outside of prison, you say the same thing with clown makeup. Science has always wondered if it’s clown makeup that causes a person to commit murder, or if it’s murder that causes people to wear clown makeup. That’s one of the things we’re about to discover.



Originally Posted by shatastic!
How would you describe the most natural way you either observe or interact with the world?

Perception is my first choice but it a close run thing over Intuition and sometimes (under physical threat mostly) Intuition prevails. Introverted Thinking is a poor second.

So in answer to you question it is Perception-Intuition.

Cake Boy ESFJ

Originally Posted by ShashiJapan4
Oh, I'm aware. You don't have to worry about that.

Half-baked is something that is obviously flawed and usually a decision or idea made on-the-fly.

Baked means really, really high. Like, stupid high.
Like, "Woooaaahhh man... Why do stop signs have five sides?"
"Duuuude. Stop signs have, like, SIX sides, or something..."
"What? When did that shit happen, man?"
"Like, back when they first started making stop signs, I think..."
"... Makes sense, man... Makes sense..."
Patter Cake, Patter Cake Baker's Man.....

"Pat a cake pat a cake baker's man
Make me a cake as fast as you can
Pat it and prick it and mark it with B
And put it in the oven for baby and me!"

This is when they put the Cake Boy ESFJ in a barrel (Tantric sex movies)

Friday, 4 September 2009

Bridge to Nowhere

[QUOTE=Technical;1190783]I'm [I]tentatively[/I] concluding that a four-function order can be assigned to each type in my system. My observations and theoretical logic both point in this direction. I'll explain the logic, but leave you to make your own observations, and check them against it.

Here is the INTP explanation: Because of the preference for perceiving [B]in general[/B], which is an objective pursuit, at the expense of judging in general, a subjective pursuit, it stands to reason that Sensing will be afforded more concentration than Feeling in the INTP. It also follows that because Intuition is in competition with Sensing, that Thinking should easily find its way into slot 2 in the order (And the T/F competition naturally places F last). Therefore, we are left with a function order of Intuition/Thinking/Sensing/Feeling for the INTP.

A sidenote is that I've found the best word yet to describe our "core psyche's" relationship with the functions: [B]Consideration[/B]. More consideration is typically given to a function which is higher in the order.

Orders (I/E is not relevant):

[I]Intuition Primaries:[/I]

[I]Sensing Primaries:[/I]

[I]Thinking Primaries:[/I]

[i]Feeling Primaries[/i]

This in Sussex (England) is called "Bridge to Nowhere" or "Do you come from Brighton?"

It is the the type function of the mind.

TPNI-"the actuary"
This type is the most ambivalent of identity as well as the most logical of the subtypes. The pure debater.

or the

TNPI-"the saboteur"
The other of the flipped rationals, the TNPI has found a favored heuristic with which to destroy any system. This type prefers to destroy in service of a stronger whole, which it ironically knows will never be perfect or complete.

Of course, that will not like you down the Local. Clean cut kid just out of college, can't even pull a pint.

Thursday, 3 September 2009


I get para-annoyed, beside myself.

Try to be pure at heart, they arrest you for robbery,
Mistake your shyness for aloofness, your shyness for snobbery,
Got the message this morning, the one that was sent to me
About the madness of becomin' what one was never meant to be.
West of the Jordan, east of the Rock of Gibraltar,
I see the burning of the stage,
Curtain risin' on a new age,


Jacob's Well

Jacob's Well

All NPs have problems with Guards SJ because of their backwards logic.

Guardians can have a hard time understanding that people really do see things differently. Once they can get to the point of seeing that the differences are good, most of them appreciate being taught.

Righteous Terror

With Guardians, it is important to avoid conflicts in principles. Principles are along the lines of, "I know this is right because it just is: because my religion backs me, history backs me, and/or common sense backs me." It is easy for Guardians to get stuck on a principle and be almost completely unable to see anything other than their currently narrow position.

Keirsey's PersonalityZone - Personality and Your Relationships

The number of times I see Guardians completely disregard or do not even listen to what a Idealist has to say. They are ST Dictators.

Wounded to the Core

This is what causes the Divided Self (Laing) problem written in Keirsey. The Guards are the cause of the despondency because of their narrow rigid views.


The Sore Dragon: Search results for divided self

Dialogue: Thespians

"Remember your lines and don't bump into the furniture" Thespian


Diarmuid Ua Duibhne or Diarmid O'Dyna (also known as Diarmuid of the love spot) is a son of Donn and a warrior of the Fianna in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. He is most famous as the lover of Gráinne, the intended wife of Fianna leader Fionn mac Cumhaill in The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne. Aengus Óg is Diarmuid's his foster-father and protector.

Diarmuid met a woman who caused a magical love spot to appear on his head; any woman that looked at his head fell instantly in love with him. This woman was soon to be wed.


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"In Greece" Burkert concludes, "the special function of the Adonis cult is as an opportunity for the unbridled expression of emotion in the strictly circumscribed life of women, in contrast to the rigid order of polis and family with the official women's festivals in honour of Demeter."

Career as a Cyberman

Career as a Cyberman

The developing field of cyberpsychology encompasses all psychological phenomena that are associated with or impacted by emerging technology. Cyber comes from the word cybernetics, the study of the operation of control and communication; psychology is the study of the mind and behavior. Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behavior in the context of human-technology interaction. However, mainstream research studies seem to focus on the impact of the Internet and cyberspace on the psychology of individuals and groups. Some hot topics include: online identity, online relationships, personality types in cyberspace, transference to computers, addiction to computers and Internet, regressive behavior in cyberspace, online gender-switching, etc.

Course at Nottingham Trent Unoiversity, UK. Nottingham is not a city I would recommend.

Something really nasty happened to a Cyberman.

Dialogue: Issues

Just do as you are told

What do you want me to do?

If I have to tell you it doesn't count

So how am I going to know what to do?

It's not my problem.